Our 5 steps to making this Christmas less stressful 1 year ago

Our 5 steps to making this Christmas less stressful

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There's no reason to stress over Christmas.

If nothing else, Christmas should be a chance to put the feet up and relax for a few days. With all the talk of getting the right presents and having enough of everything, it's easy enough to forget that.

This year, why not make it a more chilled out affair?

It is totally acceptable for you to be most excited about the thought of watching whatever movies are on the box.

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Especially for those of us in a large family, getting everyone's Christmas presents can be tough.

Set a budget, and put all of the names in a hat. Sticking with one gift apiece means there is a lot less pressure on everyone involved.

Shop online

For many people, Christmas is the time of year when their kitchens are absolutely jammed with food and drink. Unless we're missing something, Santa sadly doesn't usually do the grocery shopping for people on Christmas Eve.

When you order your groceries online with Tesco, you'll get to stock up the fridge without having to leave it unattended.

Not only that, but new customers will get €10 off their first shop by entering the code RXXFGK7 at the online checkout. Terms & conditions apply, and Christmas delivery spots are filling up fast!

Christmas is all about enjoying what's in the trolley, not waiting in a queue to pay for it. The quicker it gets to us, the better.

Don't stress over the dinner

Yes, Christmas dinner is a lot of people's favourite dinner of the year.

That doesn't mean you have to be Gordon Ramsey. Look up tutorials online in the days leading up to Christmas, and plan things out on a sheet of paper on the day before.

Once you get the timing of everything right, it's a lot less stressful. Plus, you get to sit back and enjoy watching everyone else do the washing up.

Break out the board games

No one wants to be sitting in a room full of people snoozing on the couch as their Christmas cracker crowns come falling down their head.

Add a bit of extra life into the day by starting a game of 30 Seconds or Monopoly. On second thought, go for something that won't lead to any arguments.

Scrabble is nice and tame. Stick with Scrabble.

Go for a walk

This will not only help you feel better physically, but it's the perfect way to clear the head after being stuck in the house all day. Plus, the exercise will mean that you've earned an extra mince pie.

If you're the one in charge of the food, you'll probably find that the day flies by before you know it. Make a point of getting out for half an hour.

This year, Tesco is encouraging you to get your Christmas grocery shopping done online. Especially when you only have a few days to relax over the festive season, you're going to want to make things as easy as possible.

Brought to you by Tesco