Our guide to throwing a hassle-free Christmas party 5 months ago

Our guide to throwing a hassle-free Christmas party

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Particularly useful if you're a lazy lump

Christmas is great and all, but there is a lot of effort involved in the whole thing. Between spending six hours untangling the lights and risking your life in the attic as you hunt a box of decorations, you have to be on your toes during the festive season.

Truth be told, you don't even really need to go to that much bother at all to throw a good Christmas party. Just ask a few people over, pop open a bag of Doritos and let the good times roll. Maybe wear Christmas jumpers if you want to make it feel more festive.

With our fail-proof guide to throwing the ultimate Christmas party without much effort at all, you'll be everyone's favourite ho-ho-host. Sorry.

Christmas party

 Take people up on their offers

There is nothing more Irish than saying "no" when someone offers you just about anything. When you're trying to organise a Christmas party, say "yes" when people offer to help you out!

Remember that the goal here is to make this party go down well with as little effort on your part as possible. When someone offers to bring some food or drink, you'd damn well better take them up on it.

Make Christmas jumpers mandatory

There is nothing on earth that radiates as much festive cheer as a Christmas jumper. Be it a tasteful ice skating penguin or a more ambitious light-up reindeer emblazoned on the front, you can't go wrong.

Maybe have one or two spares in case a few Scrooges turn up thinking they don't have to wear one. You can never have enough Christmas jumpers.

Christmas party

Don't bother making a Christmas party playlist

You don't need to start racking your brain for every Christmas song you can possibly think of. There is no shortage of great festive playlists already on Spotify, so why waste time trying to make one yourself?

As long as Fairytale of New York is on there, you've nothing to worry about.

Bring out the board games

Rather than trying to break the ice by talking about the weather, would it not be more craic to just have a game of 30 Seconds or Cards Against Humanity? This is a particularly good option if not everyone at the party knows each other, as your true colours only come out when playing a board game.

We won't be held responsible for any tinsel-related assaults due to over-competitive Christmas party guests.

Keep the food as simple as possible

Unless it's a dinner party, we doubt anyone will be expecting you to roll out a full four-course meal. Stick a few pizzas in the oven, and maybe pop open a limited-edition Christmas packet of Doritos with some dip. If you want to embrace your inner Masterchef, stick some melted cheese on those bad boys for some Nachos and Cheese goodness.

Dips are an incredibly easy way to impress people without really having to do a tap. Chop up a bit of spring onion, and sprinkle it on top of a bowl of Cool Sour Cream and Chives dip. Now, sit back and enjoy everyone thinking you made that dip yourself.

Christmas party

Whatever kind of Christmas party you throw, make sure to be well stocked up on Doritos. Available in a wide range of delicious flavours, their limited-edition festive packs are the perfect addition to your festive fun.

Brought to you by Doritos