Our ultimate Belfast bucket list 5 years ago

Our ultimate Belfast bucket list

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A city on the rise.


Listed by Lonely Planet as the number one city to visit in 2018, Belfast is the place to go this year. Best thing is, it's not even two hours up the M1 from Dublin.

It's the city that brought the Iron Throne and Titanic to life, so we've come up with a list of our favourite things for you to do in this awesome city.

Visit Titanic Belfast

It's probably the first thing most people think of when they're planning a trip to Belfast, but there is a lot more to do besides the tour (which is also a must). If you walk up past the main building, you'll make it to the dry dock where the ship was originally built.


It's usually a lot quieter than the Titanic Belfast, and gives you a sense of just how impressive the ship must have been. Plus, the walk will take you past the studio where Game of Thrones was filmed.

Eat a Belfast Bap

They love a good fry up in N.I! Belfast is certainly no different, and the delightful Belfast Bap is an indulgent way to start any day.

St. George's Market is a great place to find one. Make sure you wear trousers with a strong waistband...


Hike to Cave Hill

Not only would this burn off that Belfast Bap you just ate, but you'll also get to enjoy the best views of the city. Although it'll make you feel as if you're miles into the countryside, it's only about an hour's walk from Belfast Castle.

Just bring a good pair of shoes with you!


Go to an ice hockey game

It isn't really something we're used to in the Republic of Ireland, but ice hockey is a pretty big deal in Belfast. The Belfast Giants regularly fill up the 9,000 capacity SSE Arena, and the atmosphere is always electric.

Tickets are pretty cheap too, as you can usually find one for around £10. Even if you have no knowledge of the sport, it's a fantastic way to pass a few hours.

Go to Belfast International Arts Festival

Northern Ireland's longest running international arts event, the Belfast Arts Festival is the jewel in the city's crown. There are over 120 different events happening from 16 October to 3 November, including music, art, theatre and film.


The International Arts Festival is only one of the fantastic events that take place annually in Belfast. Head over to the Visit Belfast site to see what else is going on.

Take in the views from the Victoria Square Dome

Yes, the Victoria Square observation deck does look like something from Mad Max. It does, however, offer some of the best views of the city, right in the middle of it all.

You'd want to look good for any selfies you might be taking from up there as well, so it doesn't hurt that it's at the top of a shopping centre. There is never a bad time for a bit of suit shopping...

Belfast bucket list

Belfast is a city on the rise. You certainly won't be short of something to do, and there is always something exciting going on in Belfast. There are also excellent accommodation discounts available during Belfast International Arts Festival if you're looking for somewhere to stay.

Brought to you by Visit Belfast