Today, Friday 21 July, is the day your partner is most likely to cheat on you 6 years ago

Today, Friday 21 July, is the day your partner is most likely to cheat on you

Not to make you paranoid, but...

You can't argue with statistics, and these new ones on cheating make for very interesting reading.


A survey has revealed that today, 21 July, is the day that a person is most likely to cheat on you.

Nicknamed 'Frisky Friday', today is the number one day you should be worried about your other half (if you're the worrying type).

This revelation comes from, a website for people looking to have an affair.

It surveyed 300 of its members and found that people are more likely to cheat as the weather gets warmer and we spend more time socialising.


"While many of us long for the summer – the longer evenings, clear skies and generally upbeat atmosphere – the hidden truth is that it’s the season that’s ripe for adultery," said website spokesman Christian Grant, who sounds like he's actively encouraging people to do the bold thing.

"Combine the feeling of a summer’s day, the fact that we’re spending more of our evenings socialising, and with all of us having plenty more skin on show, and you’ve got a potent cocktail that lays the foundations for cheating; it’s something that even the most loyal among us find hard to resist."

OK, then.

The website saw a 20% spike at the beginning of July and says that activity peaks to 45%.


Grant also said that the onset of school holidays and families spending more time together can prompt people to cheat.