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29th Sep 2018

Patrick Kielty takes Boris Johnson to school on Brexit and the Irish border

Carl Kinsella

Patrick Kielty Northern Ireland

Could Brexit bring an end to the United Kingdom?

This week, Irish comedian Patrick Kielty tore apart Tory MP Boris Johnson for a nonsense Brexit solution that he published in his Telegraph column.

Kielty knows better than most the tragedy caused by The Troubles. His own father was shot dead in 1988 by paramilitary forces.

Still, it doesn’t take a genius to notice that Boris Johnson, like many other British MPs, seems utterly clueless about the Irish border, the Good Friday Agreement, and why a hard border must be avoided at all costs.

On Friday evening, Kielty took to Twitter with a 20-point thread, breaking down all the details that politicians like Johnson seem to be so oblivious of.

Kielty notes: “Thanks to your glorious Brexit vision Northern Ireland will become more divided as some form of economic border checks will become part of daily lives. Your Brexit lies have opened a Pandora’s box for Northern Ireland. It’s one reason why the majority of people in NI voted to remain in the EU (almost as if they knew more about the fragile equilibrium of their politics than you)”.

“Barely mentioned before Brexit, a border poll is now inevitable thanks to your monumental ignorance. The poll will be much closer thanks to your Brexit folly and could easily be lost by Unionists, breaking up the UK”.

You can read Kielty’s analysis in full below.

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