Paul Vesquez, also known as 'Double Rainbow Guy', has died 6 months ago

Paul Vesquez, also known as 'Double Rainbow Guy', has died

Vesquez was responsible for one of the earliest and most well-known viral videos.

Paul 'Bear' Vesquez, the man behind the iconic 'double rainbow' YouTube video, has passed away at the age of 57.


Vesquez, who called himself Yosemitebear on YouTube and other social media pages, had recently posted on his Facebook page that he had gone to get tested for COVID-19, but then learned about another unspecified ailment.

The well-known 'double rainbow' video was viewed 48 million times, and is often referred to as one the more iconic videos ever posted on YouTube.

Originally posted in 2010, the video resulted in Vesquez gaining worldwide fame, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, and playing his part in a number of commercial deals.

Vesquez continued to post videos on his YouTube page up until his death, documenting the sights from his mountain home in Califronia.

The Mariposa County Coroner's Office confirmed his death to CNN on Monday.