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20th May 2018

The people have spoken and voted these the 10 best comfort foods for when you need comforting

Rory Cashin

We all have our favourites.

Food never judges us. When we sit down for a night in with our favourite foods, we know we can just be ourselves and tell it our deepest, darkest secrets… before devouring it completely and feeling much better about the world.

Comfort foods are very important, and everyone has their own personal types of comfort food that they turn to in times of crisis (or, y’know, times of hunger), and ranking website Ranker had over 64,000 votes on the best all-time comfort foods.

Now, we’re not here to judge, but it sounds to us like some people don’t fully understand the concept of comfort food. For example, coffee came in at No. 75, and Ham & Eggs came in at No. 65. Ham and eggs? Ham? And? Eggs??

Anyways, we can’t really find any fault with any of the top ten entries, and they are as follows:

10. Doughnuts

Question: do doughnuts have holes in them? Or, because they are made that shape, are they just circular? Would you say a bridge has a hole in it? No, because it was built that way.

Anyways, doughnuts are delicious.

9. Fried Chicken

Question: do you judge people who just eat the skin? Because you should. Yes, the skin is obviously the amazing part, and it is where all of the herbs and spices live, but without the actual meat, the skin wouldn’t have a house to live on, either.

Anyways, fried chicken is delicious.

8. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Question: does anyone you know make cookies from scratch? There is something almost intoxicating about the smell of cookies being made in someone’s oven at home, but for the person on the go, you can just buy them from the shop and put them in the microwave for ten seconds. Not much longer than that though, because have you ever smelt an over-microwaved cookie? It is indescribable, and not in a good way.

Anyways, chocolate chip cookies are delicious.

7. Mashed Potato

Question: is this more of an American thing? Because mashed potato isn’t something you’d imagine having on a night in by yourself. Comfortable on the couch, putting on a movie, with a … bowl? … of mashed potato? That just sounds weird. Not ham and eggs weird, but still kind of weird.

Anyways, mashed potato is delicious.

6. Mac & Cheese

Question: okay, so this definitely more of an American answer, right? However, it is one that we can definitely get more on board with than mashed potato, because it is much easier to make, and contains two of the greatest forms of comfort foods – pasta and cheese – combined for the ultimate hybrid. If ever there was a dish that Europe needed to adopt more, it is this one.

Anyways, mac and cheese is delicious.

5. Fries

Question: what is your favourite kind of fries? Or chips, we should probably say. Because chips are crisps in the States, but for whatever reasons, crisps/American chips aren’t anywhere in the top ten. Crisps are amazing.

Anyways, fries are delicious.

4. Ice Cream

Question: the eternal battle, Haagen Daaz V Ben & Jerrys? Relationships have ended over less conflicted lines of questioning. When it comes to sitting in with the tub of ice cream, it normally comes down to one of these two options. And we have full intentions of maybe sharing it, or keeping some for later, and then WHOOPS!, it’s all gone.

Anyways, ice cream is delicious.

3. Pizza

Question: if someone says they don’t like pizza, how quickly do you remove them from life?

Anyways, pizza is delicious.

2. Chocolate

Question: do you have any chocolate? We would like some chocolate, please. Or something chocolate covered. There is literally nothing in life that can’t be improved with the addition of chocolate to the equation. It is why some genius eventually created the chocolate pizza. Yes, that exists.

Anyways, chocolate is delicious.

1. Grilled Cheese

Question: how much effort do you put into your grilled cheese sandwich? Do you have a special sandwich maker? Do you put the bread under the toaster and do both sides and then add the cheese? Or is the cheese a part of it from the get go so it is all melty when eating time arrives? There are so many different ways to make grilled cheese, so many different combinations of bread and cheese and manners of preparing it. And that is without talking about additions like butter or mayo, or the fact that some people add spicy sauce, or cut the corners off, or… actually, we could literally talk all night about grilled cheese.

Anyways, grilled cheese is delicious.

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