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16th Jun 2018

Scientists have designed the ‘perfect human body’ and we’re not sure we’ll ever be able to sleep again

Rory Cashin


If this is what evolution has in mind for mankind, then maybe we should just put a halt to any kind of progression right here and now.

Can Science Make Me Perfect? aired on the BBC earlier this week, and it featured anatomist Alice Roberts designing what she believed to the evolutionary perfect human body.

Just some of the, eh, improvements on mankind’s current fleshy vessel include, but aren’t limited to:

  • the “reliable heart of a dog”
  • the “shock-absorbing legs” of an emu
  • a chimp’s “sturdy lower back”
  • the “graceful lungs” of a swan
  • a “choke-proof windpipe”


Oh, and there’s the marsupial pouch for a pain-free birth.

We’re assuming that doesn’t include the psychological pain inflicted upon anyone who actually has to see this with their own eyes.

So what happened next? Well, the design was brought to life. Terrifying, nightmare-fueling life.

Roberts’ design was made real by a team of effects artists that included virtual sculptor Scott Eaton and SFX model maker Sangeet Prabhaker.

Below you can see the finished product being debuting at the University of Birmingham in the U.K., and it is really does feel like the first act of a horror film in which we’ve created the creature that brings about our own extinction.

This is why Black Mirror is so scary, you guys. Cos science!

Clip via BBC

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