PIC: Nobody in the world will ever meet the many requirements for this personal assistant job 2 years ago

PIC: Nobody in the world will ever meet the many requirements for this personal assistant job

There's a lot of requirements here.

Two forty-somethings in America took to Craigslist looking for a personal assistant to help them and their "sweet medium-sized dog" out.

Their problems are plentiful.

They haven't had time to cook and have been grabbing takeaways and anything they can "grab and munch on."

They're also not getting enough sleep and they feel bad because their dog is neglected as well as their social media accounts.

It doesn't stop there though, they have dirty laundry and dishes that need attending to as well as being able to be a mini-secretary for the couple also, answering their business calls and planning out their day.

It's your standard run of the mill personal assistant job spec but the requirements the person needs to be considered for the job are absolutely outrageous.

So much so, that they've had a hard time filling it and have upped the salary from $25 an hour to $35.

Here's the list of requirements that you need to meet in order to qualify for consideration and there are also bonus points to be won...


Some extra phrases that the couple have thrown in for good measure for the ideal candidate are:

"You aren't dramatic and you aren't having regular melt-downs."

"You feel compelled to straighten items if they're crooked."

"You take pride in how you look -- whatever that 'look' or style may be for you," but in saying that...

"At the same time, you also want to be practical and functional (e.g., you're "bohemian chic" but avoid the giant wedges that will prevent you from hustling around town, you're "cool hipster" but don't wear the super tight jeans that won't leave you room in your pockets to hold my dog's potty bags, you're totally "minimalistic modern" but avoid the white on white look so you're not afraid to get dirty when cooking, etc.)"

It sounds like more hassle than it's worth, we might leave it we think.

If you're interested though, you can find the full job advert here.