There is a petition to help save The Bernard Shaw's beer garden and Big Blue Bus area 1 year ago

There is a petition to help save The Bernard Shaw's beer garden and Big Blue Bus area

The bar has been refused permission to continue operating the beer garden and dining area.

This week it was reported that The Bernard Shaw may be forced to shut down its iconic beer garden and "Big Blue Bus" area, after聽An Bord Plean谩la stated that local residents have issued multiple noise complaints.

With the recent closure and/or demolition of venues such as The Tivoli and Andrew's Lane Theatre, there has been a growing concern that Dublin's entertainment and cultural spaces are being shut down, to be replaced by hotels and short-terms apartment complexes.

While the Bernard Shaw's organisers are looking to appeal the decision and renew their application to continue operating in the outdoors area, a petition has also begun online in support of keeping the exterior sections open.

As per the petition:

"The Bernard Shaw is a cultural institution in Dublin. The venue's contribution to the vibrancy of our city is met by few other and now it faces losing a planning bid to continue operating outside beer garden and Big Blue Bus area.

"The recent criticism is apparently over noise complaints from 'local residents', however The Bernard Shaw has been operating happily and peacefully as such since 2006. It is one of the most unique spaces we have in our city, which actively supports and encourages the cultural growth Dublin so desperately needs.

"Please sign and show An Bord Plean谩la how important this space is and that taking it away would be drastically harmful to Dublin's development as an attractive and vibrant cultural hub."

The petition is seeking 7,500 signatures, and at the time of writing, currently has over 5,500.

You can find and sign the petition right here.