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04th Apr 2014

Photovomb: The most perfectly timed picture you’re likely to see today

Who knew that debating could be so stomach churning?


Who knew that debating could be so stomach churning?

JOE doesn’t follow competitive debating or extemporaneous speaking too well, in particular at the college level in the States (we prefer the underground beatnik scene, man), but we know this much: it’s an event where, with a limited amount of time, you’re expected to throw together a speech of a few minutes’ length based on research and original analysis on a topic you’re not familiar with.

Needless to say it takes guts to stand up in front of a room full of people and pretend you know what you’re on about when you’ve only been given a half hour to prepare, so no matter what, everyone involved in this photo is a winner in our book. In particular, however, the kid who came in at number five showed us that he’s definitely got guts by spilling them everywhere, and has managed to make an instant internet classic out of this photo.

debate kid pic

The photographer Gregory Blobaum stated on his Facebook post that he talked to the guy afterwards, who saw the funny side, and gave him permission to put it up. The world of memedom has a new star, we thinks.

Hat-tip to Gregory Blobaum for the picture

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