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11th Mar 2014

Pic: An exact breakdown of the different ways men and women spend their time each day

It is an American survey but we reckon this can probably be applied to Ireland too.


It is an American survey but we reckon this can probably be applied to Ireland too.

The American Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts a survey each year where it asks people to break down how they spend their 24 hours. The folks at the Bureau then add them all up, divide them by men and women and show just how the average American man and woman spends their day.

And the results are just as the stereotypes would have you believe. Women spend close to two hours a day on household activities, compared to one-and-a-quarter hours for men and men spend longer at their jobs, one hour and 15 minutes longer to be precise.

When you dig into the household chore stuff a bit more, you find out that women spend just shy of an hour each day on housework and about 45 minutes on making food and cleaning up after making some food. Men spend 17  minutes per day on these activities. Maybe we cook quicker, or only use the microwave.

Women spend twice as long, 40 minutes, caring for other family members than men and men sleep a little less each day than women too.

Of course, these averages don’t reflect many households that are very equal in all aspects but you might want to get the stop watch out for your other half, male or female tonight, and see how long it takes them to make dinner.

And considering how much time we spend on Twitter, Facebook and our consoles, that ‘other activities’ section is a bit skimpy.

Men and women chart

Hat-tip BusinessInsider

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