PIC: Argos is now selling hot water bottles the size of a dog 3 years ago

PIC: Argos is now selling hot water bottles the size of a dog

All the warmth of a dog without having to actually own a dog.

You know how it goes with Irish weather. Christmas finishes up and for some reason we think that winter is over too. But no. It's only beginning. January was freezing and February looks like it's only going to get colder.


Based on past experience, we're not exactly holding out hope for a tropical March or April.

With that in mind, our eyes have been caught today by a new item on sale at Argos... a big huge hot water bottle that looks kind of like a sausage.

The product description reads: "Get heat where it's most needed with this 75cm LONG hot water bottle with a wearable strap. The strap can be tied tightly around your shoulders and tummy, helping comfort aches and pains. Stays warm for up to 6 hours with less than a kettle of water. Washable soft fleece cover up to 30 degrees."

Here's a photo of the hot water bottle next to a human woman, who seems to be very pleased with her purchase.


The big, long, hot water bottle comes to €30.99 — and it only takes one boil of the kettle to fill it up.