Pic: Check out the mother of all Swiss Army Knives 10 years ago

Pic: Check out the mother of all Swiss Army Knives

You call that a knife? THIS is a knife… and a saw, and scissors, and there’s even a gun too.

Pictures of John S. Holler’s c.1880 multi tool are currently doing the rounds on the net, and the device is so intricate and incredible that we thought it was too good not to show you.


Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 10.11.15

The multi tool features over 100 blades, including the mini-blades that are housed inside the tortoise shell handle covers, along with a serrated blade, two dagger blades, several different types of shears and scissors, an auger, a corkscrew, two saws, a lancet, button hook, cigar cutter, tuning fork, pens and mechanical pencils, mirror, straight razor, and a functional .22-caliber five-shot pinfire revolver... just in case.

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Now, the knife wasn’t designed to be carried around in your pocket as it measures 8.89 cm x 8.89 cm x 23.495 cm. According to the Smithsonian Institution in the US, “Knives like this were made exclusively for exhibition to highlight the cutlers’ art. They were so difficult to make they were only attempted by the most notable firms with the most talented artisans.”


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You can find out a little bit more about this amazing work of art over on the Smithsonian Institution website.