Pic: Cork lad supposedly goes for drinks, heads to mass drunk, leaves phone behind & it gets better 7 years ago

Pic: Cork lad supposedly goes for drinks, heads to mass drunk, leaves phone behind & it gets better

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Sunday mass in your local parish is always an interesting affair because you're never quite sure who you might see or meet at the church.


There are always the devout worshippers, kids who can't behave themselves and adults who look like they're so incredibly bored as they wish that they stayed on the couch.


The parish in Cloghroe, Co Cork seems to have a few more lively characters in their church than most after JOE reader Shane Buckley told us about his friend Robert O'Keeffe and what can only be described as one holy session on the beer.

Shane tells us 'a group of us went out on the beer for the Champions League last night. Our buddy Rob is fond of the liquor and is renowned for ending up in mad places but he always tries to keep his mother happy by attending the Sunday mass at Cloghroe church in Cork'.



He adds 'Rob's still in the same clothes as Saturday night, with curry sauce and beer stains covering his shirt, he still managed to made it to the 11:30am service. Even after staying up to have a few early morning pints in Charlies Corks early bar he stumbled up to his usual spot by the choir, he belted out a few hymns, out of tune to the despair of his mother and the local parish priest Father Muldoon!'.

Good Friday Service in Chicago

'Rob thought he'd lost his phone on the night out but Father Muldoon had the last laugh as he found Robs phone and uploaded this to Facebook! He'll be a quiet lad a mass next Sunday!!'.


Now, whether this is all true or not is another matter, especially as there's a fierce bang of INTERNET FAKE off it as the two guys in the pic are Frank Gaff from Cary, North Carolina, and his pal, Fr Roman.

Still though, it's a funny message.

Remember folks, regardless of whether this is true or not (which it's not), never drink and worship at the same time.


Thanks to Shane Buckley, Jack Galvin & Conor Cronin for sending this into us. Chancers.