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PIC: Dublin's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Halloween party looked like great craic


Any jabroni that loves to boil their denim or collect crabs will know that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the funniest shows of the modern era. God damnit!

We've frequently told you just how wonderful 'The Gang' are and it seems that there was a lot of love for the show after The Back Page Pub in Phibsborough, Dublin hosted an Always Sunny themed night over the weekend.

Here are some of the best images from the event along with a little description of what makes them so wonderful. Oh yeah, Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney were also in Ireland recently. Did any of you happen to spot them?

Here's Charlie's Irish twin, deep under cover as Serpico because he's about to blow this thing wide open!

Charlie Serpico

The D.E.N.N.I.S system was in full effect on the night and I'm wondering if these wannabe golden gods also managed to 'get off'.

Dennis System

It's not an Always Sunny party without an appearance from the most fecked up family of all-time. I presume that these McPoyle's started the night off with some warm milk before moving onto the harder stuff. Bump it.



The nightman did indeed cometh to Dublin and it looked like everyone was having a blast while staying in character. Did anyone pay the tole to get into the boy's hole though?


Nightman Dayman


Last but not least is my favourite entry of the whole night, Charlie's incredibly creepy uncle Jack. How come those two guys don't wrestle and pal around like they used to?

Fans of the show will agree that this photo is absolutely amazing.

Jack Kelly


As mentioned earlier, once again the stars of the show were in Ireland recently and Charlie even manged to sit on the Iron Throne. Charlie Day: King of the Rats and now Westeros.

It's always sunny in Ireland. #sunnyfx #iasip #sunny #robmcelhenney #charlieday

A photo posted by Charlie Day (@itscharlieday) on

#GOT #gameofthrones A photo posted by Charlie Day (@itscharlieday) on

Images via - The Back Page

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