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*Insert crying laughing emoji here*

Facebook can be a confusing tool for some people, especially your parents when they make their debut on social media.

While it's unfair to paint each one with the same brush when there's countless others more than adept at navigating the choppy social media waters, there are some who sometimes don't realise the significant audience who can read the messages they post.

But then there's also those who make a simple mistake, but it turns out to be hilarious and mortifying, rather than causing any real lasting damage.

Take this instance. This poor lady tried to wish her neighbour Rebecca happy birthday in a rather sweet message which is perfectly acceptable.

Unfortunately, for her, she posted on a rather public forum for all to read... the Garda Checkpoints Munster page.

While we're sure that members of the Garda Checkpoints Munster page would also like to wish Rebecca a happy birthday, her son pointed out her mistake to her...


Irish mammies, don't ever change...

Cheers to Cathal Mistéal for sending this our way. 
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