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17th Dec 2015

PIC: Irish man has absolutely brilliant Justin Bieber tickets prank played on him

He's been done here

Colm Boohig

Justin Bieber Irish

This is as evil as it is genius.

If you’re a Justin Bieber fan living in Ireland then today has been either a glorious or disastrous day, with tickets for his two shows next year in Dublin selling out in just eight minutes.

This brings us to Adrian Moran from Newport in Mayo, who was one of the most popular men in Ireland for about a half an hour today when he was offering a pair Bieber tickets for just €75 on Done Deal.

Of course, it was all a prank, set up by his evil genius of a friend, who brilliantly asked JOE that he remain nameless – y’know, just to annoy his friend that little bit more.

Take a look at this, because it’s hilarious.

Bieber tickets Dublin

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