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03rd Feb 2014

Pic: Look at what DeadMau5 did to this €180,000 Ferrari 458 Italia

This just looks awful...

Oisin Collins

This just looks awful…

We’re not sure about you, or DeadMau5 for that matter, but if we owned a €180,000 supercar that was capable of doing 0-100kph in under three-seconds we certainly wouldn’t cover it in a vinyl wrap that looks to have been designed by a cat/pop-tart loving, Japanese schoolgirl.



The vinyl wrap is a homage to one of YouTube’s most watch videos, the ‘Nyan Cat’, and it was painstakingly applied by the lads at Sekan Skins in Canada.

We’ve featured the video in question below, just in case you never heard of it (or its 105,896,605 views), but the question still remains… why, DeadMau5? Why?

At least he’ll know where he parked it if he ever goes shopping in Liffey Valley.

Pics via Facebook

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