PIC: No big deal, just a camel out for a stroll on a sunny day in Achill 5 years ago

PIC: No big deal, just a camel out for a stroll on a sunny day in Achill

There must be something in the water on the west coast.

Earlier this week, we brought you a video of a camel on the loose in Belmullet, just out for a stroll on the side of the road and causing no harm to anyone.


A few days later, with the sun still splitting the stones out west, another camel (at least we don’t think it’s the same one) has popped up in Achill, which is a short (ish) distance south of Belmullet as the crow flies but which would take the guts of an hour or more to reach by car.

JOE reader Sean Molloy took the picture below on Thursday afternoon and sent it our way.

Sean tells us it was 25 degrees in Achill and like the locals, the camel obviously thought it was a perfect opportunity to take in the beautiful surroundings (the famous Minaun Cliffs can be seen in the background).


There was a circus visiting the area on Thursday so that’s where this particular camel had come from, but if the good weather continues, this guy and his buddy from Belmullet might decide to hang around for a while.

It’s more than likely, however, that they’ll get the hump and head off when the fine spell inevitably comes to an end.

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