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06th Feb 2015

Pic: One stunning Irish county makes the cover of National Geographic magazine

Adorning the face of the much-respected National Geographic 'Taveler' Magazine

Eric Lalor

Adorning the face of the much-respected National Geographic ‘Taveler’ Magazine.

We’ve been telling you for yonks how beautiful our country is and now the good folks at National Geographic have caught on to the fact too.

Their magazine, ‘Traveler’, is one of the most celebrated travel publications in the world. In this month’s issue, the cover picture is that of the stunning Ross Castle in Killarney, County Kerry.

Inside is an eleven page story from legendary Hollywood actor Andrew McCarthy (Weekend at Bernies, Mannequinn, St Elmos Fire, Pretty in Pink) about his journey through Kerry and it features lots of spectacular photos of the Kingdom looking resplendent in gloss.

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McCarthy is now a respected travel writer and he waxes lyrical about his stay in Kerry and gives it a glowing testimonial, referring it to as a place he’d like to live.

Bloody American actors, coming over here, telling us we’re gorgeous.