PIC: The people of South Armagh have a chilling message for any burglars in the area 5 years ago

PIC: The people of South Armagh have a chilling message for any burglars in the area

Not in my back yard...

Gardaí recently issued a warning to homeowners in Ireland to lock up their houses over the summer months as new figures showed that that almost one in every four break-ins from June to August results from an unsecured door or window.


The analysis also showed that gardening equipment, tools and bikes are more likely to be stolen by thieves during the summer. While break-ins are mostly likely to occur between midnight and 4am, and between noon and 3pm.

Sergeant Kelvin Courtney of the Garda Crime Prevention National Centre of Excellence, said: "We want people to be aware of how unsecured doors or windows create an opportunity for a burglar during the summer. Over the next week, community police officers across the country will be very active in advising people how best to avoid such break-ins. Don’t make the job of a burglar any easier for them – that’s the message."

But it seems around the country, people are sick of break ins happening on their property.

Especially up in Armagh, where they take a hardline stance on anyone willing to violate the sanctity of one's home.


They're definitely not holding back in their threats in South Armagh...

Pat O'Shaughnessy, who sent the image in, told JOE that there used to be a lot of robberies in the area as it's close to the M1 and convenient for burglars.


We're not sure if any of them would be brave/stupid enough to test out this promise written on the road though...