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14th May 2016

PIC: Proof that Joan Burton is a character in Game of Thrones

Paul Moore

Winter is coming.

The majority of Irish political parties are exactly like the Houses in Game of Thrones, we even wrote an article about it here, but if you were to match the personalities of characters from the show with Irish politicians, who would you choose?

Enda Kenny is destined to make enemies at every turn, so it’s safe to say that he’s like King Joffrey. The ‘Teflon Taoiseach’ Bertie Ahern made a career out of his his ability to deal in the shadows and convince others to agree to his plans, just like Littlefinger.

To be honest, there are countless characters that you could choose from, but following Joan Burton’s decision to stand down as the leader of Labour, we’re left wondering what her next move might be.

JOE reader Paddy Walsh has offered us some interesting insights on the matter because he things that the former Tánaiste is set to be come ‘The Hand of the King’.

Take a look at her broach in the picture below. It does bear a remarkable similarity to the pendant that Jon Arryn, Ned Stark and Tywin Lannister all wore in the show.

We know nothing.



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