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Pic: Seen from above, this new church in an American town looks remarkably like a penis
Holy male genitalia Batman!

Holy male genitalia Batman!

Barring those who spend a lot of time in helicopters, not a lot of people get to see what buildings look like from an aerial view, but architects in Dixon, Illinois either mischievously knew what they were doing (we highly doubt it) or were responsible for a quite embarrassing mistake when it came to the design of a new church in the town.

As you’ll see from the picture below, when viewed from above, the shape of the building looks remarkably similar to a male penis, either in a normal or semi-erect state depending on which side you’re looking from.


Pic via Reddit/trollmobile

It might seem too bizarre and, eh, inappropriate to be true, but if you don’t believe the photo, type in directions for Highland Ave/W 2nd St on Google Maps/Google Earth and you’ll soon stumble upon it for yourself.

Apologies for the forthcoming sexual innuendo, but we wonder if any heads will roll for this planning cock-up?

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