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05th Jul 2016

PIC: The Rock responds to fan who jokes that he used to oversell the Stone Cold stunner

Colm Boohig

A brave act met with an unexpected response.

One of the finest elements of the unforgettable Attitude Era in the WWE were the copious amounts of Stone Cold stunners that The Texas Rattlesnake inflicted upon more or less anyone who stood in his way.

Stunner Austin Rock

While every wrestler was game for making it look like the coolest finisher around, there was one man who sold the stunner better than most; the superstar himself, The Rock.

Twitter user Wrestling Lad treated us all to the best examples of The Rock doing just this, and it makes for brilliant and equally ridiculous viewing.

What we didn’t expect was a reaction from The Rock himself, but answer he did, in a positive way that only Dwayne Johnson could pull of with sincerity.

We look forward to Stone Cold’s take on all of this.

How we wish we were part of that hug and drink combination celebration!

the rock gif

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