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27th Nov 2015

PIC: This girl’s drunk Facebook creep on her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend went horribly wrong

Joe Harrington

Oh, sweet baby Jesus.

The act of creeping on Facebook is one that requires full concentration and careful scrolling because a loose finger could result in you liking a photo of a girl/boy you’ve never met from 2013.

If you think liking an old photo is the worst case scenario, then a post on Reddit’s hilarious Dear Reddit, Today, I Fucked Up section will make you die of cringing.

The poster fckas revealed the following story of drunken creeping and it’s blown up on the site.


If you’re having trouble seeing that, here’s what it says.

“Today, well early AM, I fucked up and got super wasted and tried to search for my bf’s ex on fb, but when I typed in her name, nothing came up. I searched over and over and nothing. This evening, I see that I had posted her name all over my wall. Kill me.”

Awkward gif

There aren’t enough GIFs in the world to convey the recoil we experienced reading that.

Imagine the fear when she woke up and saw it. *Shudders*

The version of Creep for The Social Network trailer couldn’t be more apt right now.

Clip via YouTube/Francesco Moroni

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