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09th Jun 2016

PIC: This perfectly captures the struggle of having an Irish name while living abroad

Alan Loughnane

The struggle is real…

Some of you bearing the cross of a uniquely Irish name will understand the problems that go with said name once you depart the Emerald Isle.

We recently had some great images mocked up so we could help our foreign friends to get those pesky names pronounced right.

Another name which often causes a lot of bother to many outsiders is ‘Niamh’, and Niamh Fleming has first hand experience of this since she moved over to Birmingham last year to work as a nurse.

Earlier today, a letter was put in her letterbox from her GP and it provided a fair bit of amusement for herself and her housemates.


Don’t worry about it Neeve/Niamh, we’re going to send Niamh Kavanagh over to sort this all out.

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