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30th Dec 2016

PIC: This very sweary note was accidentally printed in a newspaper


Mitsakes happen, it’s part of life…

No matter how much we try to be at our very best when in the working environment, it’s inevitable that each and everyone of us will be responsible for the odd f*ck up every once in a while.

And “f*ck up” is quite an appropriate term for what follows.

Twitter user @TheCommanist has tweeted a picture which shows us a series of ‘romantic’ recipes featured on the pages of a newspaper. Helpfully, they’ve gone to the trouble of circling a passage of text that probably shouldn’t have made it to print (we’re sure you’d have spotted it without the red ring).

It appears an editor has taken a look at the first draft of this particular recipe and added a line or two of very sweary advice for their colleague. For reasons unknown, this advice hasn’t been taken out of the article by the time it came to print…

‘Some copy editor’s going to have a not-so-nice day,’ the tweet points out.

You’re not kidding.

Many were quick to pounce on the mistake, with plenty feeling sorry for the person responsible.

Others were simply looking forward to impressing their loved one with a newly-acquired recipe.

And if you’re still reading this, yes, the first word of this article was deliberately spelled incorrectly.

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