PIC: We may have found Ireland's unluckiest man 5 years ago

PIC: We may have found Ireland's unluckiest man

Someone give him a hug.

When your luck's in, it really is in because we're frequently told that gamblers who are on a hot streak will never leave the table or that good things usually come in threes.


Then again, Patches O'Houlihan from Dodgeball had the luck of the Irish on his side but that didn't stop him from being crushed by two tons of irony in that film and Stefan Connolly might feel like he has a few things in common with the Average Joe's coach.

To his credit, Stefan became an internet sensation for an own-point that he scored recently but it seems like this score is just the cherry that sits on top of the shit-sandwich that was his month.

We would happily give Stefan a #JOEBrolly to cheer him up but we're genuinely afraid that he might get hit by lightning. How much bad luck can one man have in a month?

Bad Luck

Having read about Stefan's month, there's only one person that we can think of.

Father Stone


Clip via - Grunting Parrot

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