Pic: We might have found the biggest douchebag on Tinder 6 years ago

Pic: We might have found the biggest douchebag on Tinder

Someone has put an awful lot of effort into their Tinder profile.

London is a big place and it must be hard to stand out from the crowd, but one guy is doing his damnedest to leave a memorable impression on the women he meets on Tinder.


But with all that effort, he might be standing out for the wrong reasons.

Obviously going for the man of mystery look, his profile contains no photos and very little actual information about him as a person.

The first thing you find out is he is not looking for a relationship. Fair enough, at least he's honest about it.



But then his profile gets a bit weird...


If you manage to get past this strange introduction and swipe right to see his other photos you find out exactly what he is looking for and he is quite specific about what he wants.



Next, he attempts to give information about himself, but you really don't learn much except he is apparently a 'street gentleman' (what the hell is that?) and a leader not a follower, exactly what every woman wants to hear on Tinder.


His next photo again gives more information but this time it is about what to expect from dating him including 'the best oral ever'.

Did this guy ever hear the phrase, self-praise is no praise?



The final post from this strange man, who probably works in advertising, is the promise of a photo if you press the green button and match up with him.

In fairness, after all that effort of reading those posts the intrigue would definitely have most women pressing green to see who exactly could be this arrogant and fond of himself.


It's quite possibly the most unusual Tinder profile we have ever seen and we can't see it working for him but hey, we don't live in London so maybe this kind of thing works over there.


We would love to know.

Hat-tip to Ann Walsh for sending this our way