Pics: 683 Mazda MX-5’s set new world record 7 years ago

Pics: 683 Mazda MX-5’s set new world record

Mazda recently entered the record books once again after 1450 participants in 683 Mazda MX-5’s took over a racetrack in the Netherlands for the day. It certainly would have made for an epic first corner battle...

Judging by the pictures it looked like a fun day out for anyone at the RDW Test Centre at Lelystad, Netherlands over the weekend, as 683 Mazda MX-5’s took over the track in epic fashion at the MAX-5 2013 event.



Throughout the MAX-5 2013 event, the RDW Test Centre at Lelystad was completely dedicated to the Japanese brand and the Mazda experience. This included demonstrations by the Ribank Mazda MaX5 Cup racers and the three-rotor-engined Mazda3 20B owned by Belgian racing family Van Herck.


At the end of the day, about 250 cars that were still present joined to form a large drive-in cinema. Prior to the showing, the viewers were asked to pick from three films and seated at the wheel of their cars, the owners cast their vote by blowing their horn to indicate their preferred film.


The loudest ‘vote’ was cast for Arbitrage (worth the watch) with Richard Gere in the starring role. Good awl MX-5 drivers; they know their movies, like they know their cars…