PICS: Adidas are releasing a sick range of Game of Thrones runners 2 months ago

PICS: Adidas are releasing a sick range of Game of Thrones runners

The night is dark and full of unreal runners.

Adidas has revealed their latest Ultra Boost 4.0 range, comprising six running shoes all inspired by the families and themes from HBO's smash-hit show Game of Thrones.

Each of the six represent a different element of the show

There's a red and gold Lannister runner, another reflects the 'Fire and Blood'-style of the Targaryens. If you don't watch Game of Thrones, this might sound like the nerdiest thing ever, but thankfully the runners really do make up for it.

Game of Thrones runners

Our favourite might be the icy cool White Walker runner, though, white fringed with blue and decorated with a heel tab that reads "Winter is here."

Game of Thrones runners

For those who prefer a classic black runner, there's a Night Watch option, as well as a dark-grey Stark option with a "Winter is coming" heel tab.

Game of Thrones Runners

The shoes do look pretty class, but they are specifically engineered for running, and they come with soles made by Continental, the tire company.

Two of the designs are specifically for women, and four are for men.

All of them clock in at €179.95, so you might want to get in touch with the Iron Bank. They'll be available from 9am on 22 March so if you order them once they're out then they should well have arrived by the time Game of Thrones starts back on 14 April.

You can go about ordering them here.