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14th Aug 2013

Pics: Breaking Bad fans can now splash out on a LEGO meth lab featuring Walt, Gus and Mike

Like Breaking Bad? Like LEGO? Then you’re going to f*cking love this…

Oisin Collins

Like Breaking Bad? Like LEGO? Then you’re going to f*cking love this…

The unofficial custom LEGO parts makers,, have just released their latest creation… a LEGO Breaking Bad set featuring Walt, Gus, and Mike mini-figures.


The set contains over 500 pieces and features everything you’d expect to find in a multi-million dollar meth operation, including some blue crystal.


Now, there are a few issues we’d like to raise concerning the LEGO crystal meth lab. Firstly, it’s not actually from or endorsed by LEGO, which is fair enough considering drugs, sex and violence isn’t really their thing. This is just a creation by the guys at who build all sorts of custom blocks and mini-figures (see here).


Secondly, the ‘Superlab Playset’ costs $250.00 (€188) and takes 2-3 weeks for shipping. That’s a lot of dough for a little bit of blue, BITCH…


Here’s what it says on the website: “Bummed out that your favourite show is going off the air? Well soothe yourself with the Citizen Brick Superlab Playset.


“Who knows what fun you’ll cook up with this deluxe set, chock full of realistic details, and three exclusive minifigs! Over 500 parts!”

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