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Can you crack them?

If there's one surefire way to leave yourself frustrated, it's by looking at photos of optical illusions which slowly make you lose your grip on sanity and tug away at the very fabric of what you believe to be reality... we may be being overdramatic, but they are devilishly frustrating.

Much like our Irish general knowledge quizzes, they can be exceedingly difficult, and have the tendency to be widely shared on social media.

So we've put together some of the trickiest optical illusions that have been shared on social media recently.

Are you clever enough to solve them promptly? All the answers are at the bottom of the article...

The first is one which featured on our site recently, where are the girl's legs?!

Image via Reddit

Can you spot the cat hidden in this picture?


This one left us very confused. So who is hugging who?

Can you spot the phone hidden in this picture?

Scroll down for the answers...

Past the gif...



Here's where that feline was hiding...

It's actually a pair of shorts...

The phone was lurking near the coffee table...

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