PICS: This €610 "room" to rent in Dublin shows the exact problem of the rental crisis 3 years ago

PICS: This €610 "room" to rent in Dublin shows the exact problem of the rental crisis

How can someone advertise this in good conscience?

It's well-known that the rental market in Dublin is the wild west and there's now even more evidence of that.


Since bottoming out during the collapse of the Celtic Tiger, Dublin's rent prices have risen by 87% and are now 30% higher than their previous Celtic Tiger peak according to a report from

Assistant professor of economics at Trinity College Dublin and author of the report, Dr Ronan Lyons, said rents across the country were considerably higher than a decade ago, this is despite general prices having barely changed during the same period.

So the reality of the rental market in Dublin is that in many cases, you're going to be paying a substantial sum of money. While not ideal, at least you can be guaranteed a good property for you money, right?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

As spotted by Paddy Galloway on Twitter, you can pay over €610 a month for what can barely be described as a room in Ranelagh in Dublin.


As bad as rents are now, it's looking increasingly likely that they're only going to get worse for the next while, according to industry group the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland.

They predicted in key 2018 forecasts that rents will rise even higher in the next year.

 "The survey predicts that despite the introduction of rental caps in Dublin and Cork, residential rents will rise on average by 8% nationally. Most surveyors believe the rental market is in crisis and that the rental cap has forced a significant number of landlords to exit the market," the body said.