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02nd Jun 2016

PICS: Four year old boy destroys Lego sculpture worth over €12,000

Carl Kinsella

His parents must be bricking it… But, to be fair, they really should have blocked him from doing this.

A four-year-old boy in China did what four-year-old boys do upon seeing a huge Lego recreation of Nick, the cartoon fox from the kids film Zootopia.

The construction, built by an artist named Mr. Zhao, was worth 100,000 yuan – which comes to €12,880. We assume it’s worth an awful lot less now it less resembles the children’s character and more closely resembles a smashed piñata.

How unfortunate…

The kid’s parents did the sound thing and offered to pay for the damage, but Mr. Zhao shot that soundness straight back at them by conceding that the child didn’t do it on purpose, and therefore there was no need for compensation.

Maybe next time he’ll put his work in a glass case.

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