PICS: Have a bit of spare cash? You can use it to buy this tank on Done Deal 6 years ago

PICS: Have a bit of spare cash? You can use it to buy this tank on Done Deal

Yes, it's for sale in Ireland...

Is your little Fiat Punto or Toyota Yaris not doing the business for you? Are you not getting the looks of envy  you crave when you drive down to the shops for a pint of milk? We might just have the solution to all some of your problems...


One seller on Done Deal has a unique vehicle for sale for the relatively paltry sum of €48,000.

A Military Chieftain Main Battle Tank...


To answer the question on everyone's minds, she's a diesel but the mileage is unavailable to report.


The tank is on sale in Kildare and according to the seller, it's the only Army main battle tank in the Republic of Ireland. It was even used for filming during the James Bond movie, Goldeneye.

We do have some bad news for you though, the gun does not work. This is probably a for the best as the last thing we want to hear about is you pressing the wrong button and adding another doorway to your house.


But you would definitely turn a few heads if you started driving around in this bad boy...