PIC: Irish J1 students meet Charlie Sheen in California 6 years ago

PIC: Irish J1 students meet Charlie Sheen in California

Not a bad J1 memory to come home with...

A J1 is a right of passage at this stage and most of the people who do it come back with a lifetime of memories and probably a decent sun tan to go with it.


California is one of the most popular destinations for Irish students who make the trip abroad, with the weather being a major attraction for most people.

There's also the possibility that you'll run into one of the many stars who live in the state.

Jessica Reilly from Mullingar is currently in San Diego on a J1 and she and three of her friends had the pleasure of running into a very famous star while at the Hyatt Hotel.

A certain Charlie Sheen...


Jessica told JOE that: "He was an absolute gent, he shook all of our hands and told us not to cause too much trouble.

"I said 'you too', and he laughed and told me that 'it was too late' for him."

Not a bad story to come home from a J1 one with...


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