Pics: Irish lads in Ibiza convince English friend to get ‘Yop Westmeath’ tattooed on his arse 6 years ago

Pics: Irish lads in Ibiza convince English friend to get ‘Yop Westmeath’ tattooed on his arse

Apparently it was “the best €50” the lads ever spent.

Story time, children. Gather around and let us entertain you with some tales from Ibiza… so you know it’s going to be good.


JOE reader Eimhin O'Donnell recently sent us in the following picture of an English lad with the words 'Yop Westmeath’ tattooed on his arse.

The pic was taken while Eimhin and his mates, Matty Cunningham and Élan Darcy, were enjoying some downtime in Ibiza last summer.


But why, 'Yop Westmeath'? We’ll let Eimhin explain…

“Myself and two of my mates went to Ibiza for a week last summer. We repeatedly shouted the phrase "Yop Westmeath" and on about the third day we were on a boat party and met these three sound English lads from Chester.

“We kept repeatedly saying "Yop Westmeath" as usual. The next morning we were going to get a bit to eat and one of the English lads called Aaron said he wanted something to remember us by. So we jokingly suggested that if he got ‘Yop Westmeath’ as his first tattoo, we would pay for it.



“So a couple of days passed and the phrase was still being used every chance we got. We even overheard Aaron trying to repeat the phrase but instead he was saying ‘Gok Westmud’. The next day Aaron had his first tattoo and pledged his allegiance to Westmeath…

“Sometimes when any of us are having a bad day we just remember that there is currently a lad walking around England who has never stepped foot in Ireland with ‘Yop Westmeath’ tattooed on his arse. Easily the best €50 we've ever spent.”

And that was easily one of the funniest reader's stories we’ve ever read. Thank you Eimhin and thank you Westmeath.

Yop Westmeath!

Massive thanks to Eimhin O'Donnell for sending this our way.