PICS: Mystery surrounds these strange signs on Irish roads 6 years ago

PICS: Mystery surrounds these strange signs on Irish roads

Any clues?

Traffic and transport seem to be two of the most topical issues in Ireland right now, a certain Web Summit and this interview are reasons why, so I'd imagine that the attention of any officials at the Department of Transport, Tourism And Sport is being spread in loads of directions.


Between 30 - 40,000 people are expected to arrive in Dublin for the Web Summit but I wonder if any of these visitors would fancy a nice scenic drive through the Midlands, especially on the Banagher Road, Offaly.

If they take a trip through the Faithful County then they might see some of the strangest road signs that we've recently seen.

It's either Offaly has been secretly annexed as an Australian city or some pranksters are happy to show off their 'koala-fications'. We have some photoshop concerns here but if you've any insight then please feel to get in touch.

It's either someone is really bored and has too much time on their hands or there's an impeding outbreak of koalas in the Midlands. We really hope its the latter.



Koala 2

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