PICS: Someone has created a Garda tracksuit and it's quite something 4 years ago

PICS: Someone has created a Garda tracksuit and it's quite something


Have you ever looked at a Garda in uniform and thought they'd a stylish get-up?


The answer is probably no, but Limerick rapper MXSE (pronounced as Mace), didn't let this deter him from creating a Garda tracksuit.

garda tracksuit

As part of the release of his new EP called 'Throwing Shade', MXSE wanted to create an outfit to wear while performing and hence, the Garda tracksuit was born.

Speaking to JOE, MXCE or Mason Roche as he's more commonly known, said that while the tracksuit is not on general sale, that doesn't mean you won't see it for sale in the future.


"It's not for sale at the moment, it's just a prototype," he said.

"But there's been such a positive reaction to it that I'm thinking of mass producing it. I made it to promote the release of my new EP in March and wanted to use two things that don't usually combine, Gardaí and tracksuits!"

The design is based on a Garda car and sports a logo saying "GARDA" on the chest. It does not, however, feature any logo associated with An Garda Síochána, thus avoiding accusations of impersonating a Garda being directed at those wearing it.

The UL student even managed to get a photo shoot with a Garda car with the help of some sound Gardaí.


"The Gardaí are aware of the tracksuit and were so kind as to let me do a photoshoot in front of one of there squad cars at Henry Street Garda Station," Roche said.

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