PICS: This car advert in Leitrim is one of the most creative we've seen 4 years ago

PICS: This car advert in Leitrim is one of the most creative we've seen

The owner's love for the car really shines through...

Have you ever had the sh*ttiest car in the world but for some strange reason, you just loved it and disregarded all the many faults it had?

For this JOE writer, it was a little black Citroen with a dodgy handbrake, questionable brakes and the best tape deck that money could buy that came standard on the car.

I can relate to this seller...

Lovingly named Kevin, this Ford Ka for sale in Leitrim has seen better days, as Kim (the seller) outlines...



It reads:

"Meet Kevin. Bruised, Battered, Loved. 2 owners - 1 careful, then myself (not so careful). Scratched passenger door and nare a hubcap on him anymore but otherwise there's not a loss on Kevin.

"He's driven all over the country, from Killarney to Kilcock, Tralee to Tipperary, Swords to South Leitrim in flooding, torrential rain, wind and thunderstorms (guess who didn't listen to Teresa Mannion). No Tax or NCT, sure look at him.

"Perfect first car - if you can drive this you can drive anything - and you won't have to worry about wrecking it! Included in price: Padre Pio sticker on the windscreen and a piece of blessed palm to keep you safe, courtesy of previous owner's mammy.

"Open to offers but no time wasters please. Suitable for parts/breaking but would prefer to keep him in one piece. Buyer must be willing to give him a good home (Garda Vetting may be conducted) because Kevin deserves nothing but the best."

At €300, we can see someone snapping up Kevin very quickly... OK, we can't but it's still a pretty cool ad.

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