Pics: This town in Sicily is giving away houses for free 7 years ago

Pics: This town in Sicily is giving away houses for free

A Sicilian town is looking for both private owners and investors to take over its empty houses and restore it to its former glory.

The Comune di Gangi sent out a press release, titled 'FREE HOUSES IN GANGI,' saying: "In the town of Gangi there are old houses that will be granted free of charge to those who request them.




"The request may be submitted both by companies who want to transform the houses into hotels and from individuals for their own private use."

Gangi's population has sunk from 16,000 in the 1950s to around 7,000 today.



People who take over the properties will have four years to renovate them.

“Those who will be assigned the free houses have to bear the expenses for the transfer of ownership and must undertake to present the project of renovation of the property within one year of purchase and complete renovations within three years.”




The houses are mostly three-storey farmhouses, and many of them have panoramic views of Mount Etna.

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