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21st Mar 2014

Picture: Here’s a handy visual guide on how to match your shoes to your suit

Need some help matching your fancy shoes to your slick suit? Here's a handy chart


Need some help matching your fancy shoes to your slick suit? Here’s a handy chart.

For the style conscious out there, we can always use a hand when it comes to assembling an outfit; after all, the old saying goes that two heads are better than one, so we’re happy to take advice on board. Sometimes even JOE, that’s right the über-stylish man that you all know and love, has some lingering doubts when it comes to matching footwear to our clothes, and what type of shoe is appropriate when.

Thankfully, the stylish folks at Reddit’s Men’s Style section are always on hand, in particular stRafaello, who put together this chart that matches your shoes to your suit, no matter what colour or style they happen to be. Struggling to see the picture? Just click on the image to make it larger.

suits with shoes
There’s plenty of advice outlining when it’s appropriate to wear a suit, what shoes will match it and even which looks are more conservative or fashion-forward. Of course, JOE’s wardrobe contains not only suits in all those shades, but also all those shoes, since we’re so slick and absolutely loaded.

Haterz gonna hate, of course.

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