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Some interesting stuff here.

We're all guilty of not paying attention to the pre-flight safety announcement that's being made, but it's very likely that you still have a few questions regarding airline safety.

In a recent interview with the Liverpool Echo,  EasyJet pilot Chris Foster did his very best to answer some of the most pressing questions that people have about flying.

For example, what would happen if you accidentally left your mobile or iPad on during take off?

In Foster's words, this is "nothing to be concerned about. Aircraft control systems are so sophisticated now, that they wouldn’t cause any interference. The regulations date back many years to when we didn’t even have things like iPads. The laws are starting to be relaxed - you can now use your devices in flight safety mode - and I think we’ll see more changes over the next few years."

It's a common request for passengers to have their tray table up and window shutter up during take off and landing. Why is this?

"We plan for every eventuality and if we had to abandon take off for some reason - which again, is very unlikely - a tray table could cause a passenger injury if it was left open. And why do you have to have your window shutter open? If we had to evacuate the aircraft it’s important that the cabin crew can make sure there are no hazards outside. Keeping the shutters open gives them that visibility" he says.

In a very interesting interview, the EasyJet pilot also says that turbulence is "not dangerous or unsafe" and that it's impossible for someone to open the door while the plane is in the air.

Hopefully this eases any fears that nervous flyers might have.


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