Lovers of podcasts will want to subscribe to this new monthly event in Dublin 2 years ago

Lovers of podcasts will want to subscribe to this new monthly event in Dublin

It is basically a big book club... but for podcast lovers!

In case you missed it, podcasts.


Podcasts are pretty huge and in and hip right now.

Everyone has their favourite podcast that they tell friends and family and strangers on the street that they just have to listen to.

Lovers of podcasts should be very happy to hear that there is a monthly podcast club arriving in Dublin this month, and not only are the guests pretty fantastic, but it is also completely free.

Each month will have a different theme, with the attending podcast enthusiasts being provided with a suggested playlist, as well as podcasters and industry experts coming along to chat about the topic at hand.

The first Podcast Club is set to take place on Monday 18 February in The Tara Building in Dublin 2, but since spaces are limited, tickets will be necessary (head here to get yours while you still can).

For the first one, the focus will be on true-crime podcasts, and the special guests will be Sophie White (Mother of Pod, The Creep Dive) and Gordon Rochford (Those Conspiracy Guys), who will chatting about their favourites alongside the club's hosts Taz Kelleher (podcast producer/ host of In The Shower With Taz and Marcus) and writer Geraldine Carton.

And should you be interested, the TRUE CRIME Podcast Club suggested listening playlist is as follows: The Teacher’s Pet, West Cork, Crimetown, My Favourite Murder, Broken Harts, and The Creep Dive.


Get subscribing.