Podcast: Engine Room Show – Episode 71 9 years ago

Podcast: Engine Room Show – Episode 71

This week the Engine Room Show kicks off with a bit of messing, as per usual, but the lads get back on track for an electric-car edition of the show.


First off Cooper ‘shocks’ the lads with the revelation that he has applied to become an ambassador for the ESB’s Great Electric Drive. You can find out more about the Great E-Drive over here.

The two Daves then give Cooper a bit of grief about wanting to drive an electric car, but Humphreys quickly moves things along to talk about the Hennessy Venom GT (pictured above), which recently clocked a whopping top speed of 435.31 km/h (270.49 mph in old money) in Florida. You can watch the record run over here.

After we hear about Moore and his supercar experience, along with Humphreys and his backrubs from air hostesses, we get to hear about the electric BMW X5 prototype (pictured below).

First Day Of The 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show


That’s it for this week, but for more stuff from Dave MooreDave Humphreys & Steven Cooper, check out The Engine Room Show Facebook page, Twitter and their very own website which you can find over here.

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