Podcast: Engine Room Show – Episode 73 9 years ago

Podcast: Engine Room Show – Episode 73

In this week’s episode of The Engine Room Show, we hear how Humphreys nearly throat-punched a woman (yikes) and the lads find out what's worse, “Car AIDS” or “Cleprosy”... whatever that is.


This week’s show kicks off with Cooper filling us in on how McLaren, creators of the stunning McLaren P1 supercar, are going to be doing away with window wipers on an upcoming project and instead they’ll use supersonic sound waves that ensure bugs and rain don’t stick to the windows. Sounds a bit mad, right?

The lads get on to some more tech related car questions, including asking if we’ll ever see flying cars. The answer to that is: hopefully, no. They also chat about the Mercedes S-Class, one of the more technologically advanced cars that’s on the market and we hear about a 2012 S-Class owner here in Dublin who Humphreys spotted driving his car with a mobile phone up to his ear. There’s always one…

We then hear about how Humphreys nearly got out of his car to throat-punch a woman who was putting lives at risk near Liffey Valley on the N4/M50, along with some readers questions that have been sent into the lads on Facebook and Twitter.

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