Podcast: The Engine Room Show – Episode 63 10 years ago

Podcast: The Engine Room Show – Episode 63

This week, the lads from the Engine Room Show kicks things off on a very festive note, but we also get to hear about Google Cars and how Cooper has let the lads down as of late…

So first off, Dave Moore gives Cooper a bit of a ribbing for not having a big manly beard like himself and Humphreys, but before the name calling gets out of hand we get to hear Cooper’s Questions…


The first question asked is, ‘when are Dyson going to make car engines?’ Seems like a good question, but Humphreys and Moore end up tearing it to shreds.

The lads then get on to talking about bench seats in certain cars such as the Fiat Multipla (below), one of the ugliest machines ever made, and the Honda FRV, pictured above.

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 14.42.47

The rest of the show consists of a very dodgy tweet sent by Moore, along with his recent juice detox and some harsh views on country folk (he’s only messin’), and the lads also ask listeners – that’s you! – to send in some festive Christmas messages for the Engine Room Christmas Special.


From TheEngineRoomShow.com: “We’re compiling a special Christmas video, made up of people wishing us, and whomever else you’d like of course, a Happy Christmas.

“So, if you’re up for it, pop your phone in front of your face, record a quick video and send it to theengineroompodcast@gmail.com.”

So that’s it for this week’s Engine Room Show. For more stuff from Dave MooreDave Humphreys & Steven Cooper, check out The Engine Room Show Facebook page, Twitter and their very own website which you can find over here. Don’t forget to check out their YouTube page while you’re there!