Podcast: The Engine Room Show – Episode 64 9 years ago

Podcast: The Engine Room Show – Episode 64

This week, Cooper, Moore and Humphreys are joined by Nicola Watkins, PR extraordinaire and racecar driver, as she educates the lads in racing a Fiesta around Mondello.

The podcast kicks off with Nicola giving the lads the low down on her racing career to date, which actually started off with a sport called ‘mud plugging’. Yes, it is as filthy as it sounds… but just not in the way you’re probably thinking of. You can check out an example in the video below… it’s actually pretty tough looking.


We also get to hear about Nicola’s first season behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta for Mondello Park’s latest racing series. You can check out more about Mondello’s Fiesta Championship class by clicking here.

It’s yet another very interesting show from Cooper, Moore and Humphreys, as joined by the lovely Nicola Watkins, and if you’ve ever thought about getting into some form of racing series then you better listen up!

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Pic via Mondello Fiesta Zetec Championship - Facebook